• Fire Rated Linen Chute Doors

    Kapella Fire Rated Linen Chute Doors, are an indispensable element of building safety and linen management systems. Our meticulously crafted doors set new benchmarks in safety, resilience, and operational excellence. These side-hinged doors feature a solid mono-block stainless steel surface, specially designed to offer not only an appealing aesthetic but also a safer and more convenient operation. Gas pistons further enhance user-friendliness, ensuring smooth and controlled door operation for residents and staff alike.

    Safety is paramount, and we’ve integrated an electromagnetic interlocking system equipped with LED indicator lamps. This advanced technology allows access for one user at a time, automatically locking the doors during maintenance. This security measure significantly reduces the risk associated with multiple users attempting to access the chute simultaneously.

    Our Fire Rated Linen Chute Doors excel not only in safety and design but also in durability. Crafted from 1.5mm stainless steel sheet, the entire door’s body is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Even the latch, indicator lamps, and handle are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring a prolonged service life.

    Choose Kapella Fire Rated Linen Chute Doors for a practical, high-quality solution that elevates your building’s safety standards. Experience peace of mind, knowing you have a robust and long-lasting solution that enhances both safety and functionality.

    Available Door Sizes:

    • 15″x15″ Clear Opening
    • 18″x18″ Clear Opening
    • 21″x21″ Clear Opening
    • 24″x24″ Clear Opening
  • Linen Chute Access Door

    Kapella understands the significance of smooth linen chute operations, and our Linen Chute Access Doors are essential in maintaining the efficiency of your system. Positioned on the top floor, just above the hopper door, these access doors provide the necessary access for inspections and maintenance. Crafted from Stainless Steel, these doors feature a keyed handle for secure and straightforward operation.

    We offer Linen Chute Access Doors in two sizes: 450x450mm and 600x600mm, designed to accommodate various chute system requirements. These doors are a vital component in ensuring the seamless functionality of your linen chute cleaning system. Chute Access Doors are required to have a fire rating as per NFPA 82 and our doors are 2 hours fire-rated to provide maximum safety in case of a fire.

    Kapella’s Linen Chute Access Doors are designed to uphold the rigorous standards of your linen management system, ensuring it operates safely and efficiently.

  • Linen Chute Control Panel

    At the core of every efficient linen chute system lies a sophisticated control mechanism, and the Kapella Linen Chute Control Panel embodies the essence of this critical component. Strategically positioned within the linen collection room, our master control panel assumes a central role in coordinating the operation of various linen chute accessories, ensuring seamless functionality.

    The Linen Chute Control Panel serves as the central command hub for your linen chute system, facilitating the coordinated operation of all interconnected components. Equipped with a comprehensive array of switches, relays, and indicator lights, this masterful unit provides a versatile and user-friendly interface for the management of your linen chute infrastructure.

    From initiating the automatic sanitizing system to regulating the exhaust fan’s operation, from engaging the cleaning unit to coordinating the interlocking doors, the Kapella Linen Chute Control Panel empowers you to take precise control of your linen chute system with ease. This degree of oversight and automation not only streamlines linen disposal but also enhances the overall safety and cleanliness of your building.

  • Linen Chute Discharge Door

    The Kapella Linen Chute Discharge Door is an integral component of our high-performing linen management system, designed with precision and durability to ensure a seamless linen disposal process. Engineered with unwavering precision and constructed to meet stringent quality standards, our Linen Chute Discharge Door plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of your linen management system.

    With a notable 120-minute fire rating, our Linen Chute Discharge Door serves as a reliable guardian, effectively blocking the spread of fire and smoke. In standard operating conditions, the door remains open, secured by a fusible link. However, when temperatures exceed 72°C (161.6°F), the fusible link promptly releases, triggering the automatic closure of the door. This rapid response is crucial in preventing the intrusion of fire or smoke into the linen chute.

    Strategically positioned at the base of the linen chute system, positioned just above the linen bins, the Kapella Linen Chute Discharge Door functions as a crucial line of defense during a fire. Its strategic placement ensures that, in the event of a fire, the discharge door serves as an effective barrier, staunchly preventing the upward movement of flames and smoke within the linen chute.

    Our Linen Chute Discharge Door is your assurance of heightened fire safety and improved linen management. With its superior fire rating and unwavering performance, this component contributes to the safety and efficiency of your building’s linen disposal infrastructure.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel with Oven Painting Finish
    • Ø 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
  • Linen Chute Duct

    The Linen Chute Duct, is an integral component of our building’s comprehensive linen management system. We prioritize precision engineering and adherence to the highest standards, ensuring that our Linen Chute Duct is synonymous with efficiency and reliability.

    Extending from the linen collection room to the highest linen intake point on the top floor, our Linen Chute Duct plays a pivotal role in facilitating the seamless disposal of linen throughout your building. This intricate system is purposefully designed for maximum efficiency and durability, providing a dependable solution for your linen management needs.

    A standout feature of our Linen Chute Duct is the continuous Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, meticulously applied throughout its construction. This advanced welding technique ensures a watertight system, eliminating the need for bolts, rivets, or any other protruding components within the chute. This design enhances the system’s reliability and minimizes the risk of leaks or malfunctions.

    Our commitment to a smooth inner surface is paramount in chutes, as it prevents any damage to the material being transported. With Kapella Linen Chute Duct, you can have confidence that every element is meticulously designed to fulfill its purpose and contribute to the seamless operation of your linen management system.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Ø 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Thickness
  • Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads

    At Kapella, we place the utmost importance on ensuring the safety and functionality of your linen disposal systems. Our Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads are integral components that have been meticulously designed to prioritize fire safety and effective sanitation, enhancing the reliability of your chute systems.

    A. Fire Security

    Our fire sprinklers are strategically positioned on each floor of your building, serving as a critical safety feature to bolster fire security and protect your linen chute system. These fire sprinklers act as essential safeguards, reducing the risk of fire hazards within the linen chute. Furthermore, our intelligent linen chute systems can seamlessly interface with Building Management System (BMS) fire alarm systems, triggering an automatic lockdown in the event of a fire to swiftly contain the situation.

    B. Flushing System

    The flushing system, an integral part of the linen chute system, includes a solenoid valve and dosage pump, working in tandem with the Disinfectant & Sanitizing Unit. Together, they manage water flow to all cleaning sprinklers on each floor. The addition of disinfectant liquid on the top floor further elevates the sanitation of the linen chute system, ensuring a hygienic environment.

    With Kapella Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads, you can rest assured knowing that your linen disposal systems adhere to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovative solutions guarantees that your waste disposal systems provide a secure and hygienic space for all building occupants.

  • Linen Chute Intake Pipe

    Linen Chute Intake Pipe, is an indispensable component of our top-tier linen management system. With meticulous engineering and unwavering commitment to industry standards, our Linen Chute Intake Pipe ensures flawless functionality and reliable linen disposal in your building.

    This purpose-built Chute Intake Pipe is designed to securely accommodate hopper doors, facilitating the efficient disposal of linen bags. Its precision construction guarantees a stable and precise connection between the linen chute door and the chute shaft. Employing continuous welding, the Linen Chute Intake Pipe eliminates any internal irregularities, ensuring an obstruction-free flow. This meticulous welding process is the cornerstone of our commitment to a seamless linen management system.

    Every aspect of this component is meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of efficient linen management. It underscores our dedication to delivering high-quality products that make a substantial difference in the daily operations of your building.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Ø 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Thickness
  • Linen Chute Offset

    Linen Chute Offset is a crucial component of our high-performance linen management system. This precision-engineered offset combines exceptional durability and versatility to ensure efficient linen disposal in your building.

    Crafted from stainless steel sheets, our Linen Chute Offset undergoes continuous welding to form a seamless and robust structure. This construction method guarantees its long-lasting endurance and resistance to wear and tear. The offset’s 45° angled discharge unit is reinforced and independently supported at the impact area, enhancing its durability even in challenging conditions.

    Designed with adaptability in mind, our Linen Chute Offset serves multiple purposes. It excels at reducing the falling speed of linens and shifting the chute duct as needed. This flexibility makes our Linen Chute Offset an invaluable addition to your linen management system, allowing you to customize it to your specific requirements.

    Kapella Linen Chute Offset is an essential component that ensures reliable linen disposal, even in demanding scenarios. Its precision engineering and robust design make it a valuable asset to your building’s linen management infrastructure.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel
    • Ø 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm + 1mm, 1.5mm + 1.5mm, 2mm + 2mm Thickness
  • Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit

    The Kapella Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit represents a cutting-edge, electrically powered system engineered to maintain impeccable hygiene and sanitation standards within your linen disposal system. This advanced unit not only keeps your linen chute clean but also ensures the utmost safety for users.

    At the core of this system is a precision-engineered solenoid valve, a vital component responsible for controlling the primary water supply. This feature allows for precise management of water flow throughout the chute cleaning process. To enhance cleaning and sanitation, the system employs a dosage pump to introduce disinfectant liquid into the water, ensuring an optimal cleaning process by delivering the right amount of disinfectant.

    During cleaning cycles, the hopper doors are securely locked, preventing unauthorized access and prioritizing user safety. The disinfectant, skillfully injected into the water by the dosage pump, flows systematically through the solenoid valve, riser, and sprinkler head. This thorough process guarantees comprehensive sanitization, leaving no room for contaminants or unwanted odors. After each cleaning and sanitizing cycle, the water flow automatically ceases, and the door locks are released.

    The Kapella Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit ensures a hygienic and sanitized linen disposal system, with features that optimize chute cleanliness and user-friendliness. It significantly enhances the overall cleanliness of your building, fostering a healthier living or working environment.

  • Linen Chute Support Frames

    Kapella’s Linen Chute Support Frames are meticulously engineered to provide unwavering stability to your linen chute system. These critical components are designed to enhance the structural integrity and isolation of your linen disposal system, offering a robust and dependable solution.

    Our Linen Chute Support Frames, crafted with a galvanized steel finish, are expertly installed around the linen chute, significantly bolstering its overall durability. Securely bolted to the Slab (SSL) and the building’s walls using four rawl plugs, these frames offer steadfast support to the entire linen chute system, effectively preventing any potential structural issues.

    To further elevate the performance of our Linen Chute Support Frames, we have thoughtfully incorporated a 3mm anti-vibration rubber pad within the interior of the rings. This rubber pad serves a dual purpose by acting as an isolator, dampening vibrations, and providing essential protection to the linen chute, shielding it from corrosion.

    The Linen Chute Support Frames are firmly anchored to the building’s slab on each floor, reinforcing the structural integrity of the system. This secure attachment guarantees that your linen chute system remains in place and functions optimally, even during heavy usage.

    We are committed to delivering top-quality components that enhance the overall excellence of your chute system, ensuring a smooth and efficient linen disposal process.

  • Linen Chute Trolleys

    Kapella’s dedication to efficient storage solutions extends across various applications, including linen storage. Our Linen Chute Trolleys are meticulously designed to offer a secure and efficient solution for linen containment.

    Positioned within the linen collection room at the base of the linen chute system, these trolleys serve as the primary receptacles for the linens deposited through the chute. This strategic placement ensures that linens are safely collected, simplifying subsequent handling and management.

    Kapella provides two options for the trolley materials, allowing you to customize your linen storage solution to meet your specific requirements. The first option features trolleys crafted from stainless steel, renowned for their durability and ability to withstand demanding environments. The second choice offers trolleys constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, recognized for its resilience and resistance to environmental factors.

    Both trolley variants are meticulously engineered to meet essential standards. This commitment to quality guarantees the longevity and dependability of the trolleys, ensuring they are well-suited for the demanding task of linen storage. Opt for Kapella Linen Chute Trolleys to elevate the efficiency and security of your linen containment system.

  • Linen Chute Ventilation

    Our advanced Linen Chute Ventilation Systems are designed to ensure a consistently fresh and odor-free atmosphere for your property.

    These systems feature high-performance exhaust fans and vents, meticulously engineered to neutralize any unwanted odors associated with linen management. Maintaining a pristine linen disposal system is essential to creating a comfortable and hygienic building.

    Kapella’s Linen Chute Ventilation Systems meet and exceed industry standards, delivering a minimum of 10 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) within the linen chute. This emphasis on efficient ventilation is a fundamental element in preserving the integrity of your building’s atmosphere.

    Each Linen Chute Ventilation Unit we provide is constructed using premium stainless steel components, ensuring longevity and resistance to environmental conditions. The inclusion of a weatherproof cap and insect screen further solidifies the durability of the system.

    Kapella’s Linen Chute Ventilation Systems enhance the overall environment of your property, making it more comfortable and hygienic while ensuring superior air quality in linen management.

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