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Chute Insulation Materials

Space Orion® is a sprayable, waterbased sound damping compound, mainly for use in applications where thin-walled metal sheets cause unwanted sound. The compound reduces vibration noise significantly.

Sound reduction of trash and linen chutes;
Sound reduction of air ventilation systems;
Sound reduction of containers (e.g. garbage and glass containers).
Sound reduction of engine supports

Excellent acoustic properties
Fast drying
Paint compatible when dry
Waterbased, environmental friendly
Waterproof, however may not be used constantly under water, coating has to dry from time to time

The surfaces to be applied must be cleaned and free of grease. Un-galvanized steel sheet and raw aluminium sheet must be protected against corrosion as Space Orion is not a corrosion protective coating. Space Orion® can be applied in thick layers up to ca. 5 mm without sagging. For not mentioned substrates and additional information please consult Kapella.

Space Orion® can be applied to by use of a secondary air spraying equipment. In general, all types of equipment with a theoretical transmission of 5:1 up to 12:1 are suitable, using a 3/5″ hose up to 10 m in length and a spray gun with a 2 – 4 mm nozzle. The best compound intake pressure is 3-4 bar and 4-5 bar for the secondary air.

Please see our latest EC safety data sheet for details.

Please see our latest EC safety data sheet for details.

Rockwool board faced with aluminium foil or black glass tissue on one side used for external thermal insulation, internal sound insulation of the garbage and linen chute ducts.
Rockwool insulation is recommended for the buildings which needs greater sound and heat insulation.