Recycling chute

Embrace the future of sustainable construction with Kapella's innovative Recycling Chute Systems. We actively promote environmental responsibility by developing multi-sorter systems that can adapt to evolving technologies.

Kapella's Recycling Chute Systems are the solution for forward-thinking buildings committed to a greener future. While sharing fundamental features with garbage and trash chute systems, they stand out with the inclusion of sorter units. These units are specially designed to separate various types of waste within a single chute shaft. Their user-friendly operation not only streamlines recyclable waste collection but also significantly reduces waste collection costs by eliminating the need for separate chute systems for each waste type.

With Kapella's Recycling Chute Systems, you can optimize your construction's space utilization, replacing multiple chute shafts with a single, versatile system. This simplifies the user experience, as individuals can select the waste type they're disposing of by pressing the corresponding button on the door panel. The system efficiently directs the waste to the designated container, ensuring proper separation and disposal. Join us in creating a more environmentally conscious and user-friendly recycling solution for your building.

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