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Introducing the future of waste management systems

Keep your building clean and efficient with our Trash Chutes. Durable, easy-to-use systems for hassle-free waste disposal.

Elevate your laundry operations with Linen Chutes. Reliable, space-saving design for seamless linen handling

Embrace sustainability with Recycling Chutes. Streamlined, eco-friendly systems for efficient recycling practices.

Simplify waste management with our Garbage Chutes. Sturdy, odor-resistant solutions for a hygienic environment.

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With Over 10 Years Of Experience

Kapella has distinguished itself in the field of chutes and chimney systems thanks to its quality and service.

Engaged in manufacturing with internationally renowned partners, Kapella company offers a stable, qualitative and available offer, always attentive to the needs of its customers. Present with its products in the international, professional and industrial markets, nearly 50,000 customers trust it.

Advanced Waste Management Systems

We understand the role of waste management and carbon emission for the future of our planet and we ensure the most efficient recovery of our resources bothenvironmentally and economically. Our sole target is to maintain quality and efficiency responsibly for the future.

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Why choose our services?
  • Technical Support

    Kapella’s experienced technical team will support you with their 1st grade skills and technical knowledge. We are providing design and technical solutions to the customers all over the World.
  • Supervision

    We provide supervision service to our clients worldwide. Clients who wants to make the installation themselves use this service to have their site team trained by a qualified, experienced supervisor.
  • Repair & Maintenance

    To keep your building’s garbage systems working consistently, they need to be maintained and inspected regularly. As Kapella we offer chute replacement, repair and maintenance by our team of expert professionals.
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