Our Services

Design & Technical Support

With our experience, infrastructure, specialized staff and the confidence inherited from our previous accomplishments; we are, proudly, the leader of our sector. We are the only one where software, electronics and mechanics are developed mutually under one roof. Furthermore, we are able to engineer the future of our sector by introducing new machinery.
Kapella’s experienced technical team will support you with their 1st grade skills and technical knowledge. We are providing design and technical solutions to the customers all over the World.
If you have any requirements on Design&Technical Support you can reach us by our contact numbers or e-mail.


Kapella offers to its clients a great support and training on the installation phase of the chute systems. We provide supervision service to our clients worldwide. Clients who wants to make the installation themselves use this service to have their site team trained by a qualified, experienced supervisor.
Kapella Supervision Engineers has at least 10 years experience in installation of the chute systems. Supervisors are also providing testing & commissioning service to our clients.
If you require more information about Supervision Service, you can reach us by our contact numbers or e-mail.

Repair & Maintenance

To keep your building’s garbage systems working consistently, they need to be maintained and inspected regularly.
As Kapella we offer chute replacement, repair and maintenance by our team of expert professionals. Updates and preventative maintenance can be scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis to maintain safety standards. If you require more information about Maintenance & Repair, you can reach us by our contact numbers or e-mail

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