Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads

At Kapella, we place the utmost importance on ensuring the safety and functionality of your linen disposal systems. Our Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads are integral components that have been meticulously designed to prioritize fire safety and effective sanitation, enhancing the reliability of your chute systems.

A. Fire Security

Our fire sprinklers are strategically positioned on each floor of your building, serving as a critical safety feature to bolster fire security and protect your linen chute system. These fire sprinklers act as essential safeguards, reducing the risk of fire hazards within the linen chute. Furthermore, our intelligent linen chute systems can seamlessly interface with Building Management System (BMS) fire alarm systems, triggering an automatic lockdown in the event of a fire to swiftly contain the situation.

B. Flushing System

The flushing system, an integral part of the linen chute system, includes a solenoid valve and dosage pump, working in tandem with the Disinfectant & Sanitizing Unit. Together, they manage water flow to all cleaning sprinklers on each floor. The addition of disinfectant liquid on the top floor further elevates the sanitation of the linen chute system, ensuring a hygienic environment.

With Kapella Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads, you can rest assured knowing that your linen disposal systems adhere to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovative solutions guarantees that your waste disposal systems provide a secure and hygienic space for all building occupants.

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    Linen Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads
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