Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit

The Kapella Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit represents a cutting-edge, electrically powered system engineered to maintain impeccable hygiene and sanitation standards within your linen disposal system. This advanced unit not only keeps your linen chute clean but also ensures the utmost safety for users.

At the core of this system is a precision-engineered solenoid valve, a vital component responsible for controlling the primary water supply. This feature allows for precise management of water flow throughout the chute cleaning process. To enhance cleaning and sanitation, the system employs a dosage pump to introduce disinfectant liquid into the water, ensuring an optimal cleaning process by delivering the right amount of disinfectant.

During cleaning cycles, the hopper doors are securely locked, preventing unauthorized access and prioritizing user safety. The disinfectant, skillfully injected into the water by the dosage pump, flows systematically through the solenoid valve, riser, and sprinkler head. This thorough process guarantees comprehensive sanitization, leaving no room for contaminants or unwanted odors. After each cleaning and sanitizing cycle, the water flow automatically ceases, and the door locks are released.

The Kapella Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit ensures a hygienic and sanitized linen disposal system, with features that optimize chute cleanliness and user-friendliness. It significantly enhances the overall cleanliness of your building, fostering a healthier living or working environment.

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    Linen Chute Sanitizing Unit
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