Trash chute

Experience a revolution in waste management with Kapella's cutting-edge Trash Chutes. These sophisticated systems are meticulously engineered for both residential and commercial applications, offering a convenient, hygienic, and environmentally responsible solution for waste disposal.

A Trash Chute is a vertical shaft or channel that facilitates the efficient and sanitary collection and disposal of waste. Our Trash Chutes feature user-friendly chute doors, odor control mechanisms, cleaning units, and safety features, guaranteeing a seamless, eco-conscious waste management process.

Whether you are a property manager, a building owner, or a conscientious resident dedicated to a greener future, our Trash Chutes are the ultimate choice. Join us in spearheading a movement towards cleaner, more efficient waste disposal.

Kapella trash chute systems are designed as a group of interconnected systems that are easy to use, secure, and clean. You can see the system parts with their descriptions below.

  • Ventilation
  • Brush Cleaning System
  • Keyed Access/Maintenance Door
  • Sprinklers for Fire Security and Flushing System
  • Chute Support Frames
  • Sanitizing Unit
  • Fire Rated Interlocking Doors
  • Chute Duct
  • Chute Intake
  • Offset
  • Bi-Sorter/Tri-sorter
  • Fire Shutter Door
  • Control Panel
  • HDG/HDPE Trolleys

Related Trash Chute Parts

  • Fire Rated Trash Chute Doors

    Kapella presents its Fire Rated Trash Chute Doors, an essential component of a building’s safety and waste management system. Our fire-rated doors are thoughtfully designed and meticulously constructed, setting new standards in safety, durability, and operational excellence.

    One of the standout features of our Fire Rated Trash Chute Doors is their solid, mono-block stainless steel surface. This specially designed construction not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures an easier and safer operation. The addition of gas pistons further contributes to the door’s user-friendliness, making it convenient for residents or staff.

    Safety is paramount, and our electromagnetic interlocking system with LED indicator lamps is a testament to this commitment. It allows one user at a time, ensuring that the doors automatically lock during maintenance operations, preventing any mishaps. This security feature minimizes the risks associated with multiple users attempting to access the chute simultaneously.

    Our Fire Rated doors are more than just their safety and design; they also excel in durability. The complete body of the door is shaped from 1.5mm stainless steel sheet, ensuring its resilience to daily wear and tear. Even the latch, indicator lamps, and handle are crafted from stainless steel, guaranteeing a long service life.

    Kapella Fire Rated Trash Chute Doors are not only a practical choice but also a statement of quality and reliability. Elevate your building’s safety standards with these doors, knowing that you have a robust and durable solution that enhances both safety and functionality.

    Available Door Sizes:

    • 300mmx300mm Clear Opening with 3D volume control
    • 450mmx480mm Clear Opening
    • 400mmx600mm Clear Opening
    • 450mmx600mm Clear Opening
    • 500mmx600mm Clear Opening
    • 15″x15″ Clear Opening
    • 15″x18″ Clear Opening
    • 18″x18″ Clear Opening
    • 21″x21″ Clear Opening
    • 24″x24″ Clear Opening
  • Trash Chute Access Door

    The Trash Chute Access Door is a vital component in ensuring the seamless functionality and maintenance of your waste disposal system. This inspection access door is thoughtfully positioned on the top floor, conveniently located above the hopper door. Crafted with a fire-rated Stainless Steel leaf, the keyed handle adds ease of operation to this critical component and ensures that only staff can access it.

    We offer the Trash Chute Access Door in two sizes: 450x450mm and 600x600mm, catering to different chute system specifications. These access doors play a crucial role in the regular maintenance and inspection of the chute’s cleaning system components, ensuring its continued efficiency and safety.

  • Trash Chute Bins

    Kapella’s commitment to revolutionizing waste management extends to every facet of the process, including waste storage. Our Trash Chute Bins are an integral component of the trash chute system, meticulously crafted to provide a safe and efficient solution for waste containment.

    Positioned at the base of the trash chute system within the collection room, these bins serve as the primary receptacles for the waste deposited by building occupants. The strategic placement ensures that waste is securely collected, making subsequent disposal and management straightforward.

    Kapella offers two bin material options, allowing you to tailor your waste storage solution to your specific needs. The first choice is hot-dip galvanized bins, renowned for their robustness and resilience in challenging environments. The second option features bins constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, prized for its durability and resistance to environmental elements.

    Both bin variants are meticulously engineered to comply with EN standards. This dedication to quality guarantees the longevity and reliability of the bins, ensuring they are fit for the demanding task of waste storage.

  • Trash Chute Brush Cleaning Unit

    The Trash Chute Brush Cleaning Unit is designed to significantly enhance the cleanliness and sanitation of your building’s waste disposal system. This sophisticated cleaning system is meticulously engineered to ensure the thorough removal of debris, grime, and contaminants from the internal surfaces of your trash chutes. It is a crucial addition to any property seeking to maintain impeccable hygiene standards.

    The brush unit comprises a cylindrical housing with two robust bands of stiff nylon brushes, securely attached for optimum performance. These brushes are powered by a precisely engineered geared electric motor, delivering a robust and consistent cleaning action. To ensure uniform coverage throughout the chute, a durable cable, and stabilizing weight are integrated into the system. For enhanced cleaning efficiency, a flushing head spray is incorporated, providing a targeted spray of water and cleaning solution to assist in the cleaning process. The electric logic control system ensures precise and efficient chute cleaning.

    This Brush Cleaning Unit operates in perfect synergy with the sanitizing unit and flushing system, guaranteeing a comprehensive and efficient cleaning process. Regular maintenance of your trash chutes is essential to prevent the accumulation of harmful contaminants, as neglecting cleaning can lead to health issues such as colds, allergies, and watery eyes.

    To maintain a safe and hygienic environment within your building, our solution streamlines the chute cleaning process, reduces the risk of contamination, and creates a healthier space for all occupants.

  • Trash Chute Control Panel

    At the heart of every efficient trash chute system lies a sophisticated control mechanism, and the Kapella Trash Chute Control Panel stands as the epitome of this essential component. Strategically located within the garbage collection room, our master control panel plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the operation of various chute accessories, including the automatic sanitizing system, exhaust fan, brushing unit, and interlocking doors.

    The Trash Chute Control Panel is more than just a control interface; it serves as the central nervous system of your chute system. This masterful unit enables seamless control of all interconnected systems within the chute infrastructure, ensuring their synchronized and efficient operation. It is equipped with a comprehensive array of switches, relays, and indicator lights, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool for chute system management.

    From activating the automatic sanitizing system to regulating the exhaust fan’s operation, from engaging the brushing unit to coordinating the interlocking doors, the Kapella Trash Chute Control Panel empowers you to take command of your chute system with ease and precision. This level of control and automation not only streamlines waste disposal but also enhances the overall safety and hygiene of your building.

  • Trash Chute Duct

    The Trash Chute Ducts are an essential component of our comprehensive waste management system. Designed with precision and crafted to meet the highest standards, our Chute Duct ensures efficiency and reliability in every inch.

    Stretching from the garbage collection room to the top floor, where the highest intake is located, our Chute Duct plays a pivotal role in the seamless disposal of trash within your building. This intricate system is engineered for maximum efficiency and durability, making it a reliable choice for waste management.

    One of the hallmarks of our Chute Duct is the continuous Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. This welding technique guarantees a watertight system without the need for any bolts, rivets, or other projections inside the chute. The absence of such components enhances the system’s reliability and reduces the risk of leaks or malfunctions.

    With Kapella Chutes, you can trust that every element is meticulously designed to serve its purpose and contribute to the smooth operation of your waste management system.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel
    • Ø 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Thickness
  • Trash Chute Fire Damper

    When it comes to fire safety in your building, every precaution counts. The Trash Chute Fire Damper by Kapella is a pivotal component of our comprehensive trash chute system, meticulously crafted to provide top-tier fire protection. Engineered with unwavering precision and built to last, our Fire Damper plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of your property, even in the face of a fire.

    With an impressive 120-minute fire rating, our Trash Chute Fire Damper stands as a stalwart sentinel, effectively thwarting the advance of fire and smoke. Under normal circumstances, it remains open, held securely in place by a fusible link. However, when temperatures climb beyond 72°C (161.6°F), this diligent sentinel responds promptly by releasing the fusible link, prompting the automatic closure of the damper. This swift reaction is paramount in halting the infiltration of fire or smoke into the chute system.

    Strategically positioned at the base of the chute system, just above the trash bins, the Kapella Trash Chute Fire Damper serves as an indispensable line of defense during a fire. Its placement is a tactical measure, ensuring that, in the event of a fire, the Fire Damper functions as an effective barrier, staunchly preventing the ascent of flames and smoke within the chute.

    With its superior fire rating and unwavering performance, the Kapella Trash Chute Fire Damper is an invaluable addition to your building’s waste management infrastructure. It guarantees the efficient containment of fire and smoke, thereby safeguarding your property and the well-being of its occupants. Opt for heightened fire safety – choose the Kapella Trash Chute Fire Damper.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel with Oven Painting Finish
    • Ø 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
  • Trash Chute Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads

    At Kapella, we prioritize the security and optimal functionality of your waste disposal systems, and our Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads are no exception. These essential components are designed with a focus on both fire security and efficient sanitation to ensure the reliability of your chute systems.

    A. Fire Security

    Our fire sprinklers are strategically positioned on each floor of your building, enhancing fire security and safeguarding the entire chute system. These fire sprinklers act as a crucial safety feature, mitigating potential fire hazards within the chute. Additionally, we incorporate a fire cut-off door at the bottom of the chute, serving as an added layer of protection. Our intelligent chute systems can seamlessly interconnect with Building Management System (BMS) fire alarm systems, which, in the event of a fire, trigger an automatic system lockdown to contain the situation effectively.

    B. Flushing System

    The flushing system, an integral part of the chute system, consists of a solenoid valve, and dosage pump, working in conjunction with the Disinfectant & Sanitizing Unit. Together, they manage the water flow to all cleaning sprinklers located on each floor. The inclusion of disinfectant liquid on the top floor further enhances the sanitation of the chute system, promoting a hygienic environment.

    With Kapella Fire Sprinklers and Flushing Heads, you can be confident in the safety and cleanliness of your building’s chute system. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that your waste disposal systems meet the highest standards, creating a secure and sanitary space for all occupants.

  • Trash Chute Intake

    The Kapella Trash Chute Intake Pipe is an essential component of our top-tier waste management system, meticulously designed to ensure seamless operation and impeccable functionality. Crafted with precision and adhering to the highest standards, our Trash Chute Intake Pipe guarantees efficiency and reliability in your building’s waste disposal process.

    The Chute Intake Pipe is engineered to securely fix the hopper doors, facilitating the proper disposal of trash bags. Its design and construction ensure a precise and stable connection between the trash chute door and the chute shaft. It is continuously welded, which eliminates any irregularities inside the pipe and guarantees an obstruction-free flow. This meticulous welding process ensures that your waste disposal system functions flawlessly.

    Every detail of this component is carefully designed to meet the demands of efficient waste management. It is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality products that make a significant difference in your building’s daily operations.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel
    • Ø 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm Thickness
  • Trash Chute Offset

    The Kapella Trash Chute Offset is an integral component of our high-performance waste management system, characterized by precision engineering and exceptional durability. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, our Trash Chute Offset ensures reliable waste disposal in your building.

    Our Trash Chute Offset is expertly crafted from stainless steel sheets, utilizing continuous welding to create a seamless and robust structure. This method of construction guarantees the offset’s longevity and resistance. The 45° angled discharge unit is reinforced and separately supported at the impact area, ensuring its durability even under challenging conditions.

    Trash Chute Offsets are designed with versatility in mind. They serve multiple purposes, including reducing the falling speed of waste and shifting the chute duct as needed. This adaptability makes our Trash Chute Offset a valuable addition to your waste management system, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements.

    Trash Chute Offset is a critical component that ensures dependable waste disposal, even in the most challenging situations. Its precision construction and robust design make it an indispensable addition to your building’s waste management infrastructure.

    Available Technical Options:

    • 304, 316, 430 Grade Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel
    • Ø 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm Diameter
    • 1mm + 1mm, 1.5mm + 1.5mm, 2mm + 2mm Thickness
  • Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit

    The Kapella Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit is an advanced, electrically powered system designed to uphold impeccable hygiene and sanitation standards within your waste disposal system. With its meticulously engineered features, this unit ensures that your chute remains not only clean but also safe for users.

    At the heart of the system lies a solenoid valve, which plays a critical role in controlling the primary water supply. This integral component allows for precise management of water flow during the chute cleaning process. For an enhanced cleaning and sanitizing effect, a dosage pump is employed to deliver the disinfectant liquid into the system. The dosage pump ensures that the right amount of disinfectant is introduced into the water, optimizing the cleaning process.

    During cleaning cycles, the hopper doors are securely locked, preventing any unintended access and ensuring the safety of the users. The disinfectant, expertly injected into the water by the dosage pump, flows in a systematic cycle through the solenoid valve, riser, and sprinkler head. This thorough process guarantees that every inch of the chute is properly sanitized, leaving no room for contaminants or unwanted odors. Once the cleaning and sanitizing cycle is complete, the water flow stops automatically, and the door locks are released.

    Kapella’s Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit is your assurance of a hygienic and sanitized waste disposal system, with features designed to keep the chute clean and user-friendly. It significantly enhances the overall cleanliness of your building and contributes to a healthier living or working environment.

  • Trash Chute Support Frames

    Kapella Chute Support Frames are engineered to provide unwavering stability to your chute system, ensuring its consistent and reliable performance. These essential components are designed to be a robust addition to your waste disposal system, contributing to both structural integrity and isolation.

    The Chute Support Frames, crafted from galvanized steel, are meticulously fixed around the chute, enhancing its overall durability. These frames are securely bolted to the Slab (SSL) and the building’s walls, utilizing four rawl plugs. This robust construction offers steadfast support to the entire chute system, preventing any potential structural issues.

    To further enhance the performance of the Chute Support Frames, we have integrated a 3mm anti-vibration rubber pad within the interior of the rings. This rubber pad serves a dual purpose by acting as an isolator, dampening vibrations, and protecting the chute from corrosion.

    The Trash Chute Support Frames are anchored to the building’s slab on each floor, providing additional structural integrity to the system. This secure attachment guarantees that your chute system remains in place and functions optimally, even during heavy usage.

    With Kapella Chute Support Frames, you can trust that your waste disposal system is fortified and dependable. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality components that contribute to the overall excellence of your chute system, ensuring a smooth and efficient waste disposal process.

  • Trash Chute Ventilation

    We understand that maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment in your building is paramount. That’s why we offer Trash Chute Ventilation Systems, including high-performance exhaust fans and vents, designed to keep unpleasant odors at bay.

    Our systems are engineered to adhere to the industry’s standards, ensuring a minimum of 10 Air Changes per Hour (ACH) in the chute – a crucial factor in eliminating unwanted smells. Kapella implements these systems worldwide, following the guidelines set forth by NFPA 82, which specify the necessity of trash chute ventilation.

    Kapella’s Trash Chute Ventilation Units are constructed from premium stainless steel components, including a weatherproof cap and an insect screen. This robust and weather-resistant design guarantees the longevity and effectiveness of the system.

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