Waste Management Equipment

Elevate Your Waste Management with Advanced Kapella Equipment When it comes to efficient waste management, Kapella's range of advanced equipment makes all the difference. Our extensive selection of waste management equipment is designed to transform the way you handle waste, promoting cleanliness, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Kapella offers sorter units, waste compactors, and paper balers, each serving a unique purpose in optimizing waste collection and processing. Whether you're managing waste in a commercial setting, residential building, or industrial facility, Kapella's equipment is engineered for durability, ease of use, and exceptional efficiency.

Sorter units from Kapella are the backbone of responsible waste separation, helping to divert recyclables from general waste streams. Waste compactors reduce waste volume, saving valuable space and cutting down on collection costs. Kapella's paper balers efficiently process paper waste, making it easier to recycle and manage.

By choosing Kapella's advanced waste management equipment, you're taking a significant step toward cleaner, more organized spaces, lower operational expenses, and eco-friendly waste disposal. Improve your waste management strategy today with Kapella and contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more environmentally responsible future.

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Waste Management Sorter System Parts

  • Waste Bi-Sorter Unit

    Kapella introduces the Waste Bi-Sorter Unit, an advanced solution designed for efficient waste separation within trash or garbage chute systems. This electro-mechanic motorized sorter system is meticulously engineered to streamline waste segregation, delivering sustainable waste management solutions.

    The standout feature of the Bi-Sorter Unit is its capability to segregate two distinct types of waste materials effectively. Integrated into trash or garbage chute systems, this unit simplifies waste separation, ensuring the collection of each waste type in its designated container.

    Operating the Waste Bi-Sorter Unit is intuitive. Users simply select the waste type via the chute hopper door panel before disposal. Once selected, the system precisely rotates to the assigned bin, facilitating the separation and collection of waste into separate containers.

    Kapella’s Waste Bi-Sorter Unit revolutionizes waste management with its technologically advanced solution, enhancing waste separation and recycling processes. By enhancing efficiency and simplifying waste separation, this innovative system contributes significantly to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

  • Waste Compactor

    Kapella’s Waste Compactor stands as a transformative waste management solution, optimizing available space with a compact design that complements either vertical or horizontal compaction principles. Tailored to the site’s volume needs, it provides exceptional area-saving capabilities, reaching up to 75% efficiency based on the chosen compaction method.

    Operating with a raw compaction volume of 1:4 – 25%, this compactor seamlessly integrates with the chute system, directly receiving waste from above. Upon waste entry, the compactor’s high tonnage ram is automatically engaged, expertly compressing the waste material to facilitate efficient disposal into the designated garbage trolley.

    It’s a perfect fit for high-rise structures or any space where rapid waste generation is common. Its superior design optimizes available space, making it an invaluable tool for managing substantial waste volumes effectively. Whether you opt for vertical or horizontal compaction, the Waste Compactor by Kapella ensures a streamlined waste management process while significantly reducing the required space for garbage containment.

  • Waste Multi-Sorter Unit

    Waste Multi-Sorter Unit, a remarkable advancement in efficient waste separation within chute systems. Crafted with precision and powered by a robust engine, this unit is designed to streamline waste segregation and bolster the efficacy of trash or garbage disposal systems.

    At the core of this unit is its 360° rotating chute separator. Engineered to align with pre-defined waste types and dedicated trolleys, this system excels in separating various waste categories deposited into the chute system. It ensures that different types of waste are collected separately, promoting efficient waste segregation.

    Operating the Waste Multi-Sorter Unit is simple and intuitive. Users select the waste type through the chute hopper door panel before disposal. Upon selection, the unit promptly and accurately rotates to the designated bin, efficiently collecting and segregating the waste for separate disposal.

    Kapella’s Waste Multi-Sorter Unit redefines waste management technology, offering a seamless and sophisticated solution that enhances waste disposal efficiency. Beyond simplifying waste segregation, this system contributes to a more sustainable environment.

  • Waste Paper Baler Unit

    Kapella’s commitment to elevating waste management technology leads us to present the Waste Paper Baler Unit, a powerful solution designed for high-rise buildings and facilities with substantial waste collection volumes. These innovative balers offer remarkable space-saving benefits, reducing storage space requirements for paper and cardboard waste by up to 80%. Furthermore, they facilitate the compaction of materials into easily transportable and manageable bales.

    At the core of the Waste Paper Baler Unit lies a robust hydraulic motor system, ensuring efficient and precise operation. This system allows for a wide range of capabilities, accommodating different material sizes, capacities, and power requirements. The diversity of our baler units enables us to provide our clients with the perfect solution to meet their specific needs, optimizing the waste management process.

    The utilization of balers in your waste management system not only maximizes space efficiency but also streamlines waste handling. Compacted materials are conveniently transformed into manageable bales, reducing the labor and time required for waste transportation. This results in a more efficient and cost-effective waste management process, with significant benefits for your building’s occupants and the environment.

    The Waste Paper Baler Unit from Kapella stands as a symbol of our commitment to modernizing waste management and environmental sustainability. It offers an intelligent and space-saving approach to handling paper and cardboard waste, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of your building’s waste management infrastructure.

  • Waste Tri-Sorter Unit

    Kapella’s Waste Tri-Sorter Unit reflects our dedication to efficient waste separation within trash or garbage chute systems. This electro-mechanic motorized sorter system is intricately designed to precisely distribute materials from a single chute into designated containers, raising the bar for waste segregation.

    A key highlight of the Tri-Sorter Unit is its impressive ability to segregate three distinct types of waste materials effectively. Integrated into trash or garbage chute systems, this unit streamlines waste separation, ensuring the collection of each waste type in its designated container. This not only simplifies waste disposal but also embodies responsible waste management practices.

    Operating the Waste Tri-Sorter Unit is user-friendly and intuitive. Building occupants select the waste type from the chute hopper door panel, aligning with the waste they intend to discard into the chute system. Once chosen, the system seamlessly rotates to the specified bin, enabling the efficient separation and collection of the wastes into separate containers.

    An outstanding advantage of the Tri-Sorter Unit is its space-saving design. By enabling the segregation of three waste types within a single chute system, it eliminates the necessity for multiple chute systems for each waste type, optimizing space utilization and enhancing waste management efficiency.

    Kapella’s Waste Tri-Sorter Unit stands as a groundbreaking addition to waste management solutions, offering advanced technology, precision, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Embrace this innovation for an enhanced waste segregation experience that upholds sustainability and responsible waste management while optimizing space usage.

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