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Linen Chute

Linen chutes are to solve disposal problem of laundries from residential and commercial buildings. Kapella linen chutes are designed as a group of interconnected systems that are easy to use, secure and clean.

Linen chute vent and exhaust fan play a major role in inhibiting unwanted smell in your building. Kapella recommends a minimum of 10ACH in the chute and applies its system worldwide accordingly. NFPA 82 specifies that linen chutes should be ventilated. The vent unit is shaped from stainless steel parts such as weather proof cap, insect screen and vent duct.

Keyed Access Maintenance Door
The inspection Access Door is situated on the top floor, kept above the hopper door. The keyed handle Fire Rated Door is shaped from Stainless Steel leaf. Self-latching keyed handle enables easy operation. Available with 450x450mm clear opening and 600x600mm clear opening. The door is used for refilling and inspection of the components of the cleaning system.

Sprinklers For Fire Security And Flushing System
A. Fire Security

The fire sprinklers are mandatory for the security of the systems. Fire sprinklers are provided at each floor and a fire cut off door at the bottom of the chute for fire security. The chute system can interconnect with the BMS fire alarm system that locks the system in the case of fire.

B. Flushing System

A solenoid valve will determine (along with the Disinfectant & Sanitizing Unit) the water flow through all cleaning sprinklers (at each floor) to wash the garbage chute along with the disinfectant liquid located at top floor.

Chute Support Frames
Galvanized Chute Support Frames are fixed around to chute and bolted to SSL and to wall by 4 Nos Rawl plugs. The interior of the rings are covered with 3mm anti vibration rubber pad as a sound isolator and protects the chute from corrosion. The frames are fixed to slab at each floor.

Sanitizing Unit
Electrically powered automatic chute cleaning and sanitizing system with dosage pump and solenoid valve. The solenoid valve controls the main water supply and disinfectant liquid is pumped to the system by dosage pump. The hopper doors are locked during cleaning process. The disinfectant injects into the water by Dosage Pump and comes in cycle through Solenoid, Riser and Sprinkler head, then water stop automatically and release the door locks

Fire Rated Interlocking Doors
The standards are improved with a solid, mono-block stainless steel surface with its specially designed gas pistons enabling easier and safer operation. The electromagnetic interlocking with led indicator lamps enables one user at a time and automatically locks all doors during the maintenance.Fire Rated doors outstands not only with its design and operational use, but also its durability since the complete body of the door is shaped from 1.5mm Stainless Steel Sheet, including its latch, indicator lamps and handle are made out of stainless steel.

Clamp Rings
Stainless Steel clamp rings are fixed to the exterior of the chute the cover bell-mouth tubes, ,in order to make chutes smoke proof.

Chute Duct
Chute Duct extends from the garbage collection room to the top floor where the highest intake is located., The tubes are continuously TIG welded which ensures watertight system without any bolts, rivets or other projections inside the chute.

Chute Intake
Chute intakes are designed to fix the hopper doors for proper disposal of the linen and laundry. The intake sections are continuously welded, rectified inside and sealed externally with mastic to be free from obstructions.

The stainless steel sheets are continuously welded chute offset is a 45° angled discharge unit reinforced and separately supported at the area of impact.

Fire Shutter Door
Galvanized fire shutter doors are required to provide 1 1/2h fire rated assemblies held open by fusible link for automatic closing with heat rising above 72° C.

Control Panel
The master control panel is located at the garbage collection room and includes necessary switches, relays, lights for the operation of the chute accessories such as automatic sanitizing system, exhaust fan, brushing unit and interlocking doors. The control panel is interconnected with the fire and smoke alarm system in order to lock the chute in case of fire.

Linen Trolleys
The stainless steel Linen Trolleys are welded smoothly without projections and polished. The standard diameter of the trolley is 800mm.

There are three swivel wheels, two of the wheels with breaks designed for easy transfer of the laundries. Removable fabric is fire repellent.