Linen chute

Linen chutes are to solve the disposal problem of laundries from residential and commercial buildings. Discover a smarter way to manage linens and laundry with Kapella's Linen Chutes. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these vertical channels provide efficient and sanitary solutions for collecting and transporting linens and laundry, tailored to the specific needs of hotels and hospitals. Featuring side-hinged doors, Kapella's Linen Chutes ensure a hygienic and eco-conscious approach in line with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

For hoteliers, hospital administrators, and building owners, Kapella's Linen Chutes offers a cost-effective alternative. They significantly reduce labor costs, minimize elevator usage, and ultimately lower operational expenses. This innovative system revolutionizes linen and laundry management, offering an organized, environmentally friendly approach that enhances efficiency and convenience.

When you choose Kapella's Linen Chutes, you're not just improving your linen and laundry operations; you're investing in a sustainable future that benefits your bottom line and the environment.

Kapella linen chute systems are designed as a group of systems. You can see the system parts with their descriptions below.

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