Linen Chute Access Door

Kapella understands the significance of smooth linen chute operations, and our Linen Chute Access Doors are essential in maintaining the efficiency of your system. Positioned on the top floor, just above the hopper door, these access doors provide the necessary access for inspections and maintenance. Crafted from Stainless Steel, these doors feature a keyed handle for secure and straightforward operation.

We offer Linen Chute Access Doors in two sizes: 450x450mm and 600x600mm, designed to accommodate various chute system requirements. These doors are a vital component in ensuring the seamless functionality of your linen chute cleaning system. Chute Access Doors are required to have a fire rating as per NFPA 82 and our doors are 2 hours fire-rated to provide maximum safety in case of a fire.

Kapella’s Linen Chute Access Doors are designed to uphold the rigorous standards of your linen management system, ensuring it operates safely and efficiently.

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    Linen Chute Access Door
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