Linen Chute Support Frames

Kapella’s Linen Chute Support Frames are meticulously engineered to provide unwavering stability to your linen chute system. These critical components are designed to enhance the structural integrity and isolation of your linen disposal system, offering a robust and dependable solution.

Our Linen Chute Support Frames, crafted with a galvanized steel finish, are expertly installed around the linen chute, significantly bolstering its overall durability. Securely bolted to the Slab (SSL) and the building’s walls using four rawl plugs, these frames offer steadfast support to the entire linen chute system, effectively preventing any potential structural issues.

To further elevate the performance of our Linen Chute Support Frames, we have thoughtfully incorporated a 3mm anti-vibration rubber pad within the interior of the rings. This rubber pad serves a dual purpose by acting as an isolator, dampening vibrations, and providing essential protection to the linen chute, shielding it from corrosion.

The Linen Chute Support Frames are firmly anchored to the building’s slab on each floor, reinforcing the structural integrity of the system. This secure attachment guarantees that your linen chute system remains in place and functions optimally, even during heavy usage.

We are committed to delivering top-quality components that enhance the overall excellence of your chute system, ensuring a smooth and efficient linen disposal process.

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    Linen Chute Support Frames
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