Linen Chute Trolleys

Kapella’s dedication to efficient storage solutions extends across various applications, including linen storage. Our Linen Chute Trolleys are meticulously designed to offer a secure and efficient solution for linen containment.

Positioned within the linen collection room at the base of the linen chute system, these trolleys serve as the primary receptacles for the linens deposited through the chute. This strategic placement ensures that linens are safely collected, simplifying subsequent handling and management.

Kapella provides two options for the trolley materials, allowing you to customize your linen storage solution to meet your specific requirements. The first option features trolleys crafted from stainless steel, renowned for their durability and ability to withstand demanding environments. The second choice offers trolleys constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, recognized for its resilience and resistance to environmental factors.

Both trolley variants are meticulously engineered to meet essential standards. This commitment to quality guarantees the longevity and dependability of the trolleys, ensuring they are well-suited for the demanding task of linen storage. Opt for Kapella Linen Chute Trolleys to elevate the efficiency and security of your linen containment system.

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    Linen Chute Trolleys
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