Waste Compactor

Kapella’s Waste Compactor stands as a transformative waste management solution, optimizing available space with a compact design that complements either vertical or horizontal compaction principles. Tailored to the site’s volume needs, it provides exceptional area-saving capabilities, reaching up to 75% efficiency based on the chosen compaction method.

Operating with a raw compaction volume of 1:4 – 25%, this compactor seamlessly integrates with the chute system, directly receiving waste from above. Upon waste entry, the compactor’s high tonnage ram is automatically engaged, expertly compressing the waste material to facilitate efficient disposal into the designated garbage trolley.

It’s a perfect fit for high-rise structures or any space where rapid waste generation is common. Its superior design optimizes available space, making it an invaluable tool for managing substantial waste volumes effectively. Whether you opt for vertical or horizontal compaction, the Waste Compactor by Kapella ensures a streamlined waste management process while significantly reducing the required space for garbage containment.

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    Waste Compactor
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