Waste Multi-Sorter Unit

Waste Multi-Sorter Unit, a remarkable advancement in efficient waste separation within chute systems. Crafted with precision and powered by a robust engine, this unit is designed to streamline waste segregation and bolster the efficacy of trash or garbage disposal systems.

At the core of this unit is its 360° rotating chute separator. Engineered to align with pre-defined waste types and dedicated trolleys, this system excels in separating various waste categories deposited into the chute system. It ensures that different types of waste are collected separately, promoting efficient waste segregation.

Operating the Waste Multi-Sorter Unit is simple and intuitive. Users select the waste type through the chute hopper door panel before disposal. Upon selection, the unit promptly and accurately rotates to the designated bin, efficiently collecting and segregating the waste for separate disposal.

Kapella’s Waste Multi-Sorter Unit redefines waste management technology, offering a seamless and sophisticated solution that enhances waste disposal efficiency. Beyond simplifying waste segregation, this system contributes to a more sustainable environment.

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    Waste Multi-Sorter Unit
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