Waste Bi-Sorter Unit

Kapella introduces the Waste Bi-Sorter Unit, an advanced solution designed for efficient waste separation within trash or garbage chute systems. This electro-mechanic motorized sorter system is meticulously engineered to streamline waste segregation, delivering sustainable waste management solutions.

The standout feature of the Bi-Sorter Unit is its capability to segregate two distinct types of waste materials effectively. Integrated into trash or garbage chute systems, this unit simplifies waste separation, ensuring the collection of each waste type in its designated container.

Operating the Waste Bi-Sorter Unit is intuitive. Users simply select the waste type via the chute hopper door panel before disposal. Once selected, the system precisely rotates to the assigned bin, facilitating the separation and collection of waste into separate containers.

Kapella’s Waste Bi-Sorter Unit revolutionizes waste management with its technologically advanced solution, enhancing waste separation and recycling processes. By enhancing efficiency and simplifying waste separation, this innovative system contributes significantly to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

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    Waste Bi-Sorter Unit
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