Waste Tri-Sorter Unit

Kapella’s Waste Tri-Sorter Unit reflects our dedication to efficient waste separation within trash or garbage chute systems. This electro-mechanic motorized sorter system is intricately designed to precisely distribute materials from a single chute into designated containers, raising the bar for waste segregation.

A key highlight of the Tri-Sorter Unit is its impressive ability to segregate three distinct types of waste materials effectively. Integrated into trash or garbage chute systems, this unit streamlines waste separation, ensuring the collection of each waste type in its designated container. This not only simplifies waste disposal but also embodies responsible waste management practices.

Operating the Waste Tri-Sorter Unit is user-friendly and intuitive. Building occupants select the waste type from the chute hopper door panel, aligning with the waste they intend to discard into the chute system. Once chosen, the system seamlessly rotates to the specified bin, enabling the efficient separation and collection of the wastes into separate containers.

An outstanding advantage of the Tri-Sorter Unit is its space-saving design. By enabling the segregation of three waste types within a single chute system, it eliminates the necessity for multiple chute systems for each waste type, optimizing space utilization and enhancing waste management efficiency.

Kapella’s Waste Tri-Sorter Unit stands as a groundbreaking addition to waste management solutions, offering advanced technology, precision, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Embrace this innovation for an enhanced waste segregation experience that upholds sustainability and responsible waste management while optimizing space usage.

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    Waste Tri-Sorter Unit
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