Recycling Bi-Sorter Unit

At Kapella, we’re at the forefront of innovative waste management solutions, and our Recycling Bi-Sorter Unit is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and efficient waste separation within trash or garbage chute systems. This electro-mechanic motorized sorter system is engineered to precisely distribute materials from one chute into designated containers, offering a streamlined approach to waste segregation.

The key feature of the Bi-Sorter Unit is its ability to segregate two different types of waste materials efficiently. Designed for integration into trash or garbage chute systems, this unit simplifies the separation of waste, ensuring that each type is collected in its designated container.

The operation of the Recycling Bi-Sorter Unit is straightforward and user-friendly. Building occupants select the waste type from the chute hopper door panel, aligning with what they intend to discard into the chute system. Once the waste type is chosen, the system smoothly rotates to the designated bin, facilitating the separation and collection of the wastes in separate containers.

Kapella’s Recycling Bi-Sorter Unit is a game-changer in waste management, providing a technologically advanced solution to enhance recycling and waste separation. By simplifying the process and improving efficiency, this innovative system plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness.

  • Electromechanical elbow movement mechanism.
  • Automatic positioning.


  • Trolley occupancy, proximity sensors.

Technical Details;

  • Max Load : 400 kN
  • Input Voltage : 24V DC
  • Speed : 30mm/sec.
  • Action Time : 2,6 sec.
  • Actuator Brand : Kapella FD-24-A4-260
  • Duty Cycle : 10%
  • Sensors : Leuze
  • Material : Mild Steel
  • Finish : Oven-dying
  • Mat. Thickness : 2mm Sheet
  • Mounting Type : Wall or Carrier

D: 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800mm

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    Recycling Bi-Sorter Unit
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