Recycling Multi-Sorter Unit

Kapella’s commitment to innovative waste management extends to our Recycling Multi-Sorter Unit, a cutting-edge solution for efficient waste separation within a trash or garbage chute system. Engineered for precision and operated by a powerful engine, this unit stands as a technological marvel designed to simplify waste segregation.

The heart of this system lies in its 360° rotating chute separator, which repositions itself as needed, aligning with predefined waste types and designated trolleys. This intelligent unit’s primary function is to separate various waste types deposited into the chute system, ensuring that recyclables and disposables are collected separately in different bins.

The operation of the Recycling Multi-Sorter Unit is straightforward. Building occupants select the waste type from the chute hopper door panel based on what they intend to throw into the chute system. Once the waste type is chosen, the system swiftly and accurately rotates to the corresponding bin, where it collects the waste separately, ensuring efficient waste separation.

Kapella’s Recycling Multi-Sorter Unit is a game-changer in waste management, offering a streamlined and technologically advanced solution for enhancing recycling and waste disposal efficiency. This innovative system not only simplifies waste separation but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Choose Kapella for an unmatched waste management experience that combines technology, precision, and sustainability.

  • 300 kg Loading Capacity
  • Epicyclical Gear
  • 360 Degree Adjustable Control
  • Special angle positioning for washing repositions from 0 degrees when the system is restarted
  • Simple Configuration from Control Panel
  • Sorts for different numbers of containers

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    Recycling Multi-Sorter Unit
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