Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit

The Kapella Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit is an advanced, electrically powered system designed to uphold impeccable hygiene and sanitation standards within your waste disposal system. With its meticulously engineered features, this unit ensures that your chute remains not only clean but also safe for users.

At the heart of the system lies a solenoid valve, which plays a critical role in controlling the primary water supply. This integral component allows for precise management of water flow during the chute cleaning process. For an enhanced cleaning and sanitizing effect, a dosage pump is employed to deliver the disinfectant liquid into the system. The dosage pump ensures that the right amount of disinfectant is introduced into the water, optimizing the cleaning process.

During cleaning cycles, the hopper doors are securely locked, preventing any unintended access and ensuring the safety of the users. The disinfectant, expertly injected into the water by the dosage pump, flows in a systematic cycle through the solenoid valve, riser, and sprinkler head. This thorough process guarantees that every inch of the chute is properly sanitized, leaving no room for contaminants or unwanted odors. Once the cleaning and sanitizing cycle is complete, the water flow stops automatically, and the door locks are released.

Kapella’s Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit is your assurance of a hygienic and sanitized waste disposal system, with features designed to keep the chute clean and user-friendly. It significantly enhances the overall cleanliness of your building and contributes to a healthier living or working environment.

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    Trash Chute Sanitizing Unit
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