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Who we are

As Kapella with our slogan “Efficient Quality”, we actively uphold the customer satisfaction as our ultimate target in our waste management, ventilation, and machinery production branches. In the scope of our production; stainless steel vent systems, automated and manual garbage chutes, linen chutes and machinery meets the quality standards of ISO 9001:2000, TSE EN 1856-1, CE. Also, our doors are 240 minutes fire rated.

With our experience, infrastructure, specialized staff and the confidence inherited from our previous accomplishments; we are, proudly, the leader of our sector. We are the only one where software, electronics and mechanics are developed mutually under one roof. Furthermore, we are able to engineer the future of our sector by introducing new machinery.

Always evolving technologically, we meet the highest standards of quality by renovating the machinery we use and remain competitive with our endless efforts for Search & Development. Our industry takes human and environment as the value to be protected not only in our country but also in the whole planet.

We understand the role of waste management and carbon emission for the future of our planet and we ensure the most efficient recovery of our resources both environmentally and economically. To this end, we do not restrict ourselves with our technological progressiveness but we also initiate social awareness projects in cooperation with the state, municipalities, and construction sector. Our sole target is to maintain quality and efficiency responsibly for the future.